OrganicDukaan is all about us providing  all the organic and eco-friendly product needs. We provide 100% natural, chemical free and organic fruits, vegetables, groceries, and eco-friendly products that can be bought online and are home delivered to your family. We are on a mission to promote Organic Lifestyle as a standard of living for everyone out there about us.

Being a part of this society, we want to create a healthier world for one and all. We want to safeguard the society from the harmful chemicals that they are intaking through inorganic food products. The nature’s ecosystem is also being damaged at a striking rate. Its no rocket science how the health of our nature directly affects the health of every living being on this planet.

Why choose us?

Eco Friendly

All of our products are eco-friendly and derived from the nature. They are free from the usage of plastics, chemicals, and non-sustainable methodologies that have affected the nature badly. We also working in adopting zero wastage policy.

Home Delivered

We respect your time and convenience, hence we don’t want you to worry to come to us, rather we’ll come to you. We offer a safe and apt home delivery for you to enjoy the best quality served at home.

Budget Friendly

The market offers organic and eco-friendly options at a premium price. We believe that these options must be budget friendly and hence provide budget friendly options for our products.

Farmer Supportive

The farmers and producers are the backbone of our company. We believe in fair payment policy and take several initiatives to support them at multiple levels.

Reason behind using Eco-Friendly & Organic Products

We are working hard in the present to create a lavishing future for all. As for OrganicDukaan, in the next 10-15 years, we believe that our Organic family would not just be limited to India, but several other countries as well. We at OrganicDukaan are planning to provide a 360* eco-friendly solution to almost every need and want of a general consumer, be it food, clothing, tourism, transport, packaging, stationary or even construction!


MISSION of OrganicDukaan

Join us in our motive of building an organic and eco-friendly community. Join us in our journey by simply switching to green alternatives provided to you by OrganicDukaan or any other eco-friendly providers. Connect with us on our Social Media handles to stay updated with our offers, new product launches, events and know much more, about us!