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What is meant by fitness?

The literal meaning of fitness is being physically strong and healthy. Who doesn’t want to be fit these days? Everybody wants to be fit, look good in all the kinds of clothes we wear. But is it just sufficient to want or desire to be and look fit? No, it takes a lot more than that. Dedication, patience, rigorous training and a lot of mental strength is required to be fit and look fit. But, the efforts don’t end there. 

Many experts of the field say you’ll not have the correct results unless you put in the right diet in your schedule. Irrespective of how much you workout you have to put the right kind of diet to get the right kind of results.

The food we eat today

The kind of food we eat today is as contaminated as it can be. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are contaminated. They are contaminated with various kinds of fertilizer, pesticide, antibiotics and hormonal residues. They have many detrimental impacts on the human body. Everyday we are seeing so many cases of various kinds of diseases and the chaos they are creating. It will not be wrong to say that our diet plays an important role in the chaos created. A simple question to ask ourselves is that “are the efforts we are putting sufficient to build our fitness?” That’s a serious question and it needs to be answered. 

What’s the use of exercising everyday where the results you get are only partially good for you? The complete potential of your workout sessions has not been unleashed yet. 

To boost egg production hens are injected with hormones which are very likely to replicate in the eggs they produce. To increase milk production the cows are injected with hormones too, is there any guarantee that the milk they give doesn’t contain traces of it? Not just injecting them with hormones they are not fed naturally. Several pesticide and synthetic fertilizer residues are left over on the vegetables and fruits we consume. Ask yourselves, is it the kind of diet we want to consume post workout?

Understanding fitness better

Fitness is not just an outside thing. It has a lot to do with the inner self of a being. Being fit means to be in good shape both mentally and physically. Physically can be again divided into external physical conditions and internal physical conditions of the human body. Mere external physical appearance is of no use when cancerous cells and tumours can grapple your internal organs. And mere physical fitness is not sufficient because the goal of a fitness journey is to make you fit both physically and mental. 

The journey of fitness gives you many hidden treasures along the way. A perfectly toned body and better shape is just one of those. The boost in confidence and the change in mindset is another valuable gift to a fitness enthusiast. The never-give up attitude is built along the way in the journey of fitness. 

Looking at all these gains doesn’t one feel that the gains are half and partial if there’s no proper nutrition. Doesn’t one feel betrayed if the pivotal point is lacking? 

Sure, one does. 

Does organic help?

This question needs to be explained with a few qualities of organic food. 

Fitness with Cow Omega-3 acid OrganicDukaan
Cow Omega-3 acid OrganicDukaan

Milk that is obtained from organically fed cows has far greater amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidants. Organically obtained milk also has a greater amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Apart from these there are many more benefits that are good for human health. 

Organically grown cereals have been studied and it has been found that they contain lesser amounts of protein content. But it has also been found that though it has a lesser amount of protein, the quality of protein that is present in organically grown cereals is found to be of higher grade and quality. The reason behind the higher content of protein that was found in conventionally grown cereals can be owed to the higher amount of nitrogen based fertilizers that are given to standing crops during the process of cultivation. 

When it comes to leafy vegetables the amount of antioxidant called polyphenol is found to be greater in organically grown vegetables. Polyphenol is a stress hormone released by plants. As there is no stress experienced by conventionally grown crops there is no presence of polyphenols. Antioxidants are extremely important for maintenance of good health. Lycopene is another such example for antioxidant percentage and impact on health. 

The above mentioned examples are very few that have been explained with evidence-based research and practical application. There is a lot of science yet to be explored and explained to humanity. As a general opinion that can be gathered by reading the literature it is very clear that organic food is the key to good health. With every passing day it is an imposing truth upon us that organic is definitely the need of the hour and our saviour from the catastrophic future conventional farming can bring up on us. GO ORGANIC.

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