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What is OrganicDukaan?

OrganicDukaan is an online platform for online grocery shopping including organic fruits & vegetables, eco-friendly products, and many more. It is the brainchild of like-minded environmental enthusiasts and nature lovers. OrganicDukaan provides an equal playing field to all organic producers and works as a bridge between the producers and consumers of organic food. We work with a mission to make organic food available to every household, at affordable rates and also to make profits for the growers. It is our wish to see a healthy world and contribute to making one.

Groceries are available at OrganicDukaan-

OrganicDukaan works every single day with the goal to bring as many organic products to their platform as possible. We have among our great range Atta, Sooji, and Dalia. With the commitment to deliver the protein of best quality we have a wide range of Dals and Pulses. When we say the best quality of proteins, we mean in comparison with the protein quality found in the pulses grown by conventional methods.

Another important component in the range of groceries with us is the Rice and Grains. Rice and grains make up a great component of our diet. In fact, they are the predominant items of consumption. They give a great deal of nourishment to the body namely carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants, and so on. The quality of the nourishment our body receives must also be seen with carefulness. And for obvious reasons, organically grown food has a better quality of nutrients than the ones grown by conventional methods. The number of contents may be higher in conventional foods but the quality of those very contents in organically grown foods is way better.

What gives taste to the food we eat? Very obvious answer- masalas and spices. Among our range of groceries, we also have masalas and spices as they are one of the most important ingredients of preparing great meals. They do have great implications for our bodies. As recently we have learned the benefits of spices and condiments in increasing our resistance to deadly diseases. They do play a role in digestion and metabolism. Above all with the perspective of a foodie, they make our food really interesting by adding aroma and flavor. There have been many reports of adulteration in this particular category of groceries. But, don’t you worry we have a solution and it’s called OrganicDukaan. Our range is one of the best to buy from.

No matter how much you hate the subject of history, you will definitely know the famous salt march of Mahatma Gandhi. Well, that’s how much importance it has in our day-to-day diets and it can’t be taxed heavily. Jokes apart. Salts play very vital roles in maintaining our biological balances. Keeping our body hydrated and maintaining cellular structures. They also play a key role in maintaining our blood pressure. On our platform, we have a great range of salts and sweeteners for our customers to choose from. All organic. As we already mentioned in previous blogs about child’s growth read it.

The next category of groceries is oil and ghee. The importance of quality in this particular category need not be impressed upon the readers. A simple look at the numbers of heart patients is enough to see the harmful effects of consuming the “too-much” industrialized products in this particular category. It’s better to consume the products from the very closet of nature brought close to you by the founders of OrganicDukaan.

A healthy range of processed organic products is available on the platform of OrganicDukaan. Processed foods don’t quite have a reputation among the older generations in our country. They have doubts about the quality that we receive. But, for once we have a range which we can trust before buying. For they have been taken from the best organic fields and given the form and taste of indigenously produced products from the roots of organic agriculture.

How to do online grocery shopping at OrganicDukaan ?


This question may arise instantly in your mind. Believe me, it is as simple as buying anything from any other online store.

If it is the first time you will have to create an account with OrganicDukaan and log in every time you visit the website to online grocery shopping with us. You will find a wide range of products to shop from. Choose according to your needs and add them to your cart.

After adding them to your cart you can make payment with the options available. The delivery will be made within 24 hours of placing the order.

As simple as that!

Why buy from OrganicDukaan?

The most important question, isn’t it?

The amount of chemicals we ingest every day is nothing less than a nightmare. We literally consume poison. As a result, we have witnessed a steady

increase in the number of cases of cancer and other deadly diseases. Organic food is not a luxury these days but it is the need of the hour.

OrganicDukaan qualifies as the best companion for you in this journey. We are someone you can rely on in this journey. We have a robust system to verify the vendors on our platform. Each producer has to go through a set of verifications and procedures before qualifying as a vendor on our platform. We take only from established sources and the ones who already have built a considerable reputation in society. We also conduct timely and surprise inspection visits to the sites of production.

The vegetables and the rest of the groceries are departed to your destination directly from the farm so that there is minimal contact and human intervention. The vegetables are freshly harvested before they are packed and sent to your destination. We deliver within 24 hours of your placing the order.

We have a bigger cause and a larger-than-life mission. OrganicDukaan is here for you.

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