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What is meant by child growth?

According to the University of Nottingham “child development and growth can be defined as a process by which a child changes over time. It covers the whole period from conception to an individual becoming a fully functioning adult. It’s a journey from total dependence to total independence.”

Remember those days in school when we had some programs for teacher’s day or children’s day and the guest always said that “you are the citizens of tomorrow”? We always listened to those speeches, sometimes with enthusiasm and sometimes with no energy at all. What remains true of those speeches is that “we are today’s citizens of this country”. The children will be the “next line of leaders and citizens of our country”. What would we wish for our children and the upcoming citizens of this country? We would wish for a secure future with prosperity and good health. Are we doing enough to make sure that they have a secure future with all the fulfillments they need?

A holistic approach

In the initial sentences of this blog, I mentioned the definition of growth. Let’s understand the meaning by diving in between the words of the sentences. Does growth just mean physical growth? Does growth just mean mental growth? No, a child’s growth is not just confined in the parameters of physical and mental. It goes beyond both these dimensions. Child growth must be explained in a much holistic approach. Growth would be to ascend to greater levels of understanding and maturity. Growth must be understood as development in the dimensions of mental, physical, emotional, thoughtful and also spiritual. If our children develop in all these spheres, we must consider them fully grown. If not, we still have work to do.

Is it possible to give our children holistic and all-round growth in the current scenario? Yes, it is possible. Terms and conditions applied. 

Several studies around the world have been conducted to compare and measure the IQ of school going children. Two categories were selected, one where mothers consumed conventional food products during pregnancy and the other where mothers consumed organic food during their pregnancy. Astonishing results came forward. The IQ levels of the children whose mothers consumed conventional food were many points lower than the children whose mothers consumed organic food.

Child growth with Organic Food OrganicDukaan
Child growth with Organic Food OrganicDukaan

A study in the UNITED STATES where urine samples of children were collected when they were consuming inorganic food and after a fortnight of consuming organic food the samples were collected again. The former samples showed the residue of farm chemicals and the later samples showed no trace of chemicals in the urine of children. The level at which synthetic chemicals are going into the bodies of children is alarming and frightening. 

A mother-child cohort study was conducted in Norway to examine the impact of organic and conventional food in relation to conditions of hypospadias and cryptorchidism. The results of the study showed that the mothers who consumed organic food were less likely to give birth to children with conditions of hypospadias and cryptorchidism. Conditions such as pre-eclampsia are also avoidable with simple consumption of organic food. 

It is common for children to day dream and sometimes be lost in their own world. But hyperactivity, impulsive behaviour and complete inattentiveness can sometimes be the symptoms of ADD (attention deficit disorder). It has been observed that ADD can be solved with a simple shift in eating habits. Just go organic and the condition of ADD can be solved without any external aggressive medication.

Physical abnormalities   

Over the course of the past few years many observations have happened in the developments of physical maturity of boys and girls. It is a large public opinion that girls and boys are showing signs of maturity far before in their lifetime when compared to that of their parents. An average adolescent girl these days appears like an adult and full-grown woman. Girls and their parents have reported of an early onset of their menstrual cycles. Some school going boys these days show developments of male breasts. This can be a serious stigma in their lives. Not just physically this particular problem can result in stress to their mental health. The probable reason for this is predicted to be the estrogen and other hormones that are given to livestock and plants. Child growth is quite heavily affected by these hormones.

When we substitute conventional with organic

As children love drinking milk (not all of them ☹ though), there are several benefits of drinking milk obtained from organic sources. The percentage of omega-3 fatty acid is more in organic milk when compared to conventional milk. Omega-3 fatty acids are very crucial owing to their importance in reducing inflammation, incidence of heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Especially in children organic milk has been observed to deliver great results in their mental and physical growth. The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is maintained properly in organic milk when compared to conventional milk. This ratio is important to be maintained properly. 

There are several benefits of consuming organic vegetables like taste, colour, texture, nutritional qualities and many more. For example, tomato is said to be a functional food, the reason behind this is the levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional aspects are fantastic. There is another attribute to it “the content of lycopene”. Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment that delivers colour to tomatoes. Lycopene is also an antioxidant, there are great benefits of having antioxidants in your diet like the ones given by organic food. Antioxidants are known to reduce the risk of cancers. Many young children suffer from cancer these days. In such times what can be much better than organically grown fruits and vegetables for the future citizens of our country. 

Other benefits that young children receive is that they remain away from consuming unnecessary hormones and antibiotics that go into their body by consuming conventional food. At times of disease the medicines they take may be effective because of antibiotic resistance the new strain of virus or bacteria shows which demands for higher dosage of medicines.

Give organic to for better growth of child

It is important that our young ones receive the best of whatever they can, including food. Let our children be free from all the contaminants that are polluting their bodies and deteriorating their health. Let’s create a better and beautiful future for the generations to come.           

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