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OrganicDukaan is an online platform for shopping for organic online vegetables, fruits, groceries, eco-friendly products, and many more in Nagpur. The goal of a sustainable environment is at the center of our business model. Followed by the goal of serving millions of people to make their health better with organic food. OrganicDukaan has its office at Nagpur. The initial area of operations is also the same city. OrganicDukaan has brought under its ambit various organic producers from surrounding districts. It aims to provide a level playing field to all the producers of organic food. It has a huge range of not only organic vegetables and groceries but also eco-friendly products. We aspire to create a win-win situation for all around us.

Range of vegetables online available at OrganicDukaan-

Vegetables play a very important role in our well-being. They provide us with many essential nutrients that help us keep up our physique and health. Apart from providing us with vitamins and minerals, they provide us with a good chunk of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. These compounds are essential to our body from time to time.

OrganicDukaan provides its customers with a wide range of organically grown online vegetables in Nagpur. The list is as follows-

The first among them is Beetroot-

Beetroot has many health benefits. It acts as a great purifier for our bodies. and contains sugar but has very few amounts of fats, which makes it very feasible to consume. Beetroot has large amounts of fiber which makes it very good for our digestive systems also can help in boosting our digestive system too. It is good for heart health. The color of beetroot is because of the pigment named betanin which is a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants help in reducing or controlling the process in the human body. It has also proved its worth in the sector of hair care.

This great vegetable is growing organically in many parts of our country. And it is delivering to your doorstep by our services. Do not waste your time and them for yourself and your family.

The second in our list is Brinjal-

Here’s something interesting about this vegetable. Brinjal is considered to be very good for diabetics, owing to its very low glycemic index. It is one of the best foods to help you reduce weight and has very few calories which are good for people who are on a calorie deficit diet. It helps you maintain good bowel health, with its rich reserves of fiber. Fiber acts as a laxative that helps in preventing constipation. Consumption of brinjal is very useful for maintaining good blood conditions as it helps in producing RBCs and treating. Like many other vegetables, it contains good amounts of antioxidants, which are extremely important to avoid oxidation and synthesis of free radicals; which later form the foundations of causing cancer in human beings. Compounds known as glycoalkaloids become associate with preventing skin cancer and are produced by brinjals.

With so many good attributes I wouldn’t think twice about buying these great vegetables. They are available to customers by OrganicDukaan on their website. Believe me, it’s a great shot to take it.

Third, on our list is Okra or Ladyfinger as many know it-

Okra has very helpful in maintaining good eyesight due to the presence of carotenoids in it. Carotenoids are also helpful in repairing and production of new skin cells. They protect the skin from damages caused by UV radiation. It results very helpful for women who are pregnant as they are required to keep good percentages of RBCs. It is also helpful for people who are planning to conceive. Okra has decent amounts of vitamin-c which helps in boosting immunity. Like other vegetables, okra also helps in easing the way of your bowel and prevents constipation.

One must take every care possible to keep his/her health in perfect condition. And okra can be very beneficial in doing this.

Fourth and perhaps the most sought after on the list is broccoli-

Now this one has grabbed the attention of many people. For reasons very obvious. It has been a part of the diet of people who are very health conscious and it’s time we crack the reason behind it. Broccoli helps to maintain gut health. It has compounds and nutrients that delay the process of neurodegeneration. Hence giving you better brain health also promotes cognitive and memory abilities. Broccoli helps you look younger than your peers of the same age. It helps to delay aging by retarding certain genetic changes happening in your body. Broccoli also improves circulation to certain parts of your body and helps you have a better sexual libido.

As it has now been an increasing trend to have broccoli in your diet the reasons have been put in front of you. Don’t waste a single minute of yours and have it on your plate ASAP.

These were the very important vegetables on our range other than these you have all your daily consumption vegetables too.

As the nutritional quantity may not differ much between organic and inorganic vegetables the quality of nutrition varies greatly and that’s what must prompt you to switch to organic. Because it’s all about the quality of the life you live.


Why organic?

100% natural-

Organic food is 100% natural and as pure as snow. One can be sure of its naturality because it’s been derived from the very closet of nature by practicing the methods that don’t worsen it.

No synthetic chemicals-

With a little trace of any chemical, the “organic food” loses its sanctity. No time has ever been better than these to adapt to a lifestyle of not eating the food that’s engrossed with synthetic chemicals.

High on antioxidants-

Antioxidants are one of the innate benefits of organic food, they are 19-40% higher in organic foods than non-organic foods. They are known to reduce the risks of many cardiovascular diseases, cancers and also slow down the process of aging. Antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lignans, lycopene, flavonoids, and isoflavonoids can be richly found in whole organic foods.

Environment friendly-

The practices involved in organic farming are pro-nature. Be a part of a movement whose goal is to save and protect the natural world. In today’s world of industrial farming, organic farming is the only resort left for humanity to save the deteriorating nature and decaying food quality.

Improves immunity-

We need immunity today more than ever before. Immune yourself naturally by making a shift in your consumption habit. Eat organic food to stay immune to a lot of dangerous diseases and save yourself from harmful poisons. We already wrote an article about how organic foods increase immunity, click on the link and read it.

Free from GMO-

It’s against the principles of organic farming to use GMOs. Many believe that GMOs can possibly be the cause of many unwanted health conditions. Why eat something that is full of dubiety? Instead, eat something that is reliable – “organic food”.

Sourcing of vegetables-

We have a very strict policy of verifying our vendors. We talked about giving our vendors a fair and level playing field. But we are equally concerned about what they bring to our platform.

Our team conducts timely field inspections of all our vendors and checks that we are being delivered on what we were promised upon. Only when our team feels satisfied do we let them in on our platform. Customer trust and satisfaction are non-compromising for us. The vendors are also verified organic sellers in Nagpur.

So, don’t forget to buy online vegetables from OrganicDukaan.

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