A company has its own identity, values and beliefs. OrganicDukaan stands strong with its philosophies and our philosophies play a great part in our working culture.
Food is Medicine OrganicDukaan

Food is Medicine

Healthy food can make a big difference in your overall health. The diet plays a vital role in keeping the body fit and healthy. A lot of our health issues arise due to improper and imbalanced diet intake. We believe that with the right combination of diet and organic food, we can get rid of a lot of health issues and keep control on a lot of other chronic diseases. Doesn’t that make food the best medicine?
Sustainability OrganicDukaan


We love mother nature. We feel that anything that we do must contribute in a sustainable way, to the society, to the businesses and to the nature. As we promote eco-friendly living through our products, we also practice the same through our actions in packaging, deliveries, operations and marketing. We as a brand promote sustainability and sustainable lifestyle.
Fair Trade OrganicDukaan

Fair Trade

We firmly believe in Fair Trade where everyone is paid fairly for their contribution in the product or service. We make sure that our farmers, vendors and partners get paid a fair value for their product and services. We take special steps to make sure that our farmers are paid well as we believe that they are the backbone of not just our company, but the world.
Zero Wastage OrganicDukaan

No Wastage Policy

When there are millions of people facing hunger and starvation, it’s just not possible for us to entertain any wastage. Our unfresh food is donated to the unprivileged while the food wastage is fed to animals or recycled by using them up on our farmer’s farms. Our purchases are also consciously made and we take continuous efforts to minimize any wastage.
Health is Wealth OrganicDukaan

Health, the real Wealth

In recent times, we have changed our priority from our health to the materialistic wealth. All our body and mind exertion to create a huge wealth has been taking a huge toll on our health. We tend to forget the fact that without a good health we won’t even be able to enjoy our materialistic wealth. Our expenses on medical bills is increasing exponentially along with our health issue. On the other hand, having a good health not only makes us feel better, it helps us push our limits and do even better in our lives.
We are family OrganicDukaan

We are a Family

Our customers, vendors, partners, employees and stakeholders are all a part of OD (OrganicDukaan) family. A family that shares the same vision with us, the vision of making this world a more healthier and sustainable. And for us, our family is our top priority and being able to serve our family is a huge honour for us.