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Paper Seed Pen



Plastic pens are one of the major causes of environmental degradation. They also affect marine life. TheSagez came out with an effective solution with their eco-friendly paper seed pens. These pens are made up of recycled paper and seeds(at its ends) and have the normal ballpoint refill. These pens can also easily be customised for bulk orders.

The outer body which is made up of recycled paper is made into a pulp and beaten into sheets. These sheets of papers are used to make all our paper products.The pen also consists of seeds of different varieties capped at its ends.

The body of the pen is made up of recycled paper and the refill is regular ballpoint pen’s, which makes its use just like usual pens.After use, the seeds are germinated into new plants.
The pens can be customised with different prints and colours.

After use:
The body of the pen is completely eco friendly as it is made up of recycled paper. After use, the pencil can be put in mud pot to see it get germinated in a span of 7-10 days.

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