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Colored Paper Seed Pencil



With more than 11 variants in this category we give you a very satisfying writing and drawing experience. The seed pencils are eco friendly and after use can be planted in soil. These pencils can also be customised for bulk order.

Seed Pencil is a handmade pencil made with the seeds infused in them.
It is a wood free pencil, which is made up of recycled paper and has a water capsule which consists of seeds.
The outer body is surrounded by a graphite lead.

The outer body is as strong and comfortable as the regular pencil.
The lead used is 2HB and the pencil responds normally to regular sharpeners.

The pencils have elegant designs and can be custom made.
The pencil can be planted in soil.

After use:
After use the capsule can be planted in soil and with adequate care can be grown into the particular plants.
The outer peel can be decomposed in soil.

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