The key to a greener Earth

Imagine a beautiful weekend morning, you wake up lousy from your bed. Go to the washroom and turn on the tap of your wash basin, you discover that there is no water. You try all your methods to get water to the overhead tank of the place where you live. NOTHING happens. The day that was supposed to be spent enjoying and relaxing is spent in a dearth of water. Such time is not very far where we suffer for our basic needs. The resources that are abundant today are not going to be so forever. We need to act now and we need to act “sustainably”.

Ever heard the word “SUSTAINABLE”?

“Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level”, is the literal meaning of the word sustainable. The meaning in other words shows that we need to be very judicious in using the resources we have today. We must leave something behind for future generations. The basic question that arises in every readers’ mind is why did we arrive at this point where we have to conserve whatever we have?  So far, we have created empires of wealth at the cost of deteriorating the environment. Our greed has cost us so much that the majority of populations today are drifting towards rural areas because they are the only safe havens remaining today.

Our focus is not just on sustainability but, it is on imparting sustainability in our life, at every step. We must attempt on reducing the carbon footprint that we leave behind in our everyday life. To a large extent we have deteriorated the environment from the very base of it. We must curtail the further deterioration by making the right choices. Our ability to make right choices must be based on a very important question “What do we want to leave our children with”?


Do we want to leave our children in an environment where they are prone to respiratory disorders? Is it safe to leave them an environment where the air, water, soil is as polluted as it can be? Do we want to leave them agricultural fields that are polluted intensely with plastic? Do we want to leave them with a world where fossil fuel reserves are on the verge to perish and there is an intense tussle among the powers of the world as to who will have the remaining reserve? There are some important questions we need to ask ourselves and we also need to be very fair and honest with their answers.

Plastic Pollution Creative Nuisance
Plastic Pollution Creative Nuisance


The answer to the above questions is definitely a “NO”. We would never want the future generations to curse their predecessors on the planet. Is there something that we can really do to avoid that? Yes, indeed there is something that we can do to limit this destruction.

Adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Earlier we spoke of integrating sustainability with our life. It’s time that we take good and far-sighted decisions in our life. According to the UNEP “sustainable living means understanding how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us and finding ways for everyone to live better and lighter”. Choices that we make are very important in life, as they impact not only us but also our surroundings. And so, it is important that we adopt and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Our idea of Sustainability.

Everything burns down to a single point that we use our available resources in a way that we leave something for our future generations. We may have a very varied view on how we reach that point where we accomplish that goal. Our belief system is such where we accommodate our possible fears by taking the best of what they can offer to humanity without causing destruction. Yes, plastic has done a lot of damage to the society but, is it the only type of plastic that can be produced? We can have plastic that has a higher efficiency of recovery and recyclability. And yes, that type of plastic can be used for further usage. We are on a very amicable approach towards reducing carbon footprint and plastic pollution in the world today.

Example of symbiotic relationship with nature
Example of symbiotic relationship with nature

When the world had plastic hitting the markets, the markets were flooded with them and they grappled a very good amount of business. That is because the material definitely had something in it. If we use plastic in a proper way and the right kind of plastic, we can make this world a better place without eliminating a very useful material from the society.

The approach that is needed today is that of an integrated one, where we take a path that is comfortable for all the stakeholders who want to make this world a better place to live. Moreover, a complete elimination of plastic at once can cause chaos economically and socially.

OrganicDukaan to our rescue

And so, we at OrganicDukaan believe that a much comprehensive and integrated approach is needed to tackle the problems of plastic pollution.

Let’s make a point that we only use recyclable plastic. Let’s make a commitment that we adopt more and more articles made of metals, that we use products that are made with materials that are of environmental significance. Usage of more and more paper cups and earthen cups are a very good means to reduce environmental pollution.

Our choices and commitments today are going to decide the future of the blue planet. Make a choice to be on the right side of history.

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