Even when you are taking all the steps to create a protective lifestyle for you and your family’s health, you are still in danger in this world, with the ongoing pollution and viruses unknown. Instead of spending thousands on medicine and donating to doctors, you can choose to lead a healthy lifestyle. The average person eats 70,000 microplastics each year. This is what the world be like for the coming generations and is expected to become worse.

The planet is losing its balance and with the current flow of usage of plastic, we are barelling towards the end. And if we continue with these killers, the day is not far where there would be a scarcity for natural food.

You might know how the so-called “fresh & healthy fruits-vegetables” are grown these days. The hormone, used to induce childbirth and lactation in women, is injected in pumpkin, watermelon, and many other plants to make them bear bigger fruit. The injection can also be administered to fruit and vegetables just before they come to the market to make them arise more plump and fresher. Hazardous chemicals are sprayed on them to keep the insects away.

The time has come to use alternatives. We can’t just rely on minimizing the use of such materials. We have to switch to a healthy and environmental option which is Organic foods. These are crops that are produced without using synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or other genetically modified components.

It’s natural and without any chemicals and we are sure that you will need these. But where can you get them at a world class quality? Enters OrganicDukaan!

Welcome to OrganicDukaan

OrganicDukaan is a one-shop solution for all organic and eco-friendly product needs. We provide fruits, vegetables, groceries, and eco-friendly products that can be bought online and will be home delivered to your family. We are on a mission to promote Organic Lifestyle as a standard of living for everyone out there.

We have the worldly aim for a reason. Being a part of this society, we want to create a healthier world for one and all. We wish to increase the health standards of individuals and safeguard them from the harmful chemicals that they are intaking through inorganic food products. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals are causing deadly diseases among people and we feel that its our responisbility to take a move on that.

In this monotonous life, you need to trust something with your entire mind. We at OrganicDukaan take 100% responsibility to our healthy mates in providing them with world class quality products that are

  • Environment Friendly
    We both know about the climate change and how much we are influencing the environment by our activities presently. We pledge to contribute to protect Mother Nature with the promotion of sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural products. It’s not a secret anymore that due to the excessive usage of plastics, chemicals, and non-sustainable methodologies, nature and its ecosystem has been affected badly. We are here to change that and restore the losing beauty of our planet.

  • Home Delivered
    We respect your time and convenience, hence we don’t want you to worry to come to us, rather we’ll come to you. We, at OrganicDukaan, offer a safe and apt home delivery for you to enjoy the best quality served at home.

  • Budget Friendly
    Currently, the market offers organic and eco-friendly options at a premium price which becomes a major hurdle for the most in adopting this lifestyle. We believe that these options must be budget friendly to bring in the “Go-green” movement we aim for.

  • Farmer Supportive
    You might have seen people putting stories for dear farmers. We take several initiatives in supporting them at multiple levels. OrganicDukaan is trying to connect with the local farmers and producers, provide them a great platform to showcase their products, and get them the attention that they deserve. This is your opportunity too, to support them from your side and with that, also lead a healthier lifestyle.

We at OrganicDukan are here to boost your immunity and reach your goal of having an active body. We believe that an Organic Lifestyle is the future and should be carried into the present as soon as possible. It is the need of the hour, not only for the humans but for the sustenance of every living being on the planet.

A big part of our movement is providing the knowledgebase for leading an Organic Lifestlye. We will be constantly making efforts in providing you with great content about organic food and eco-friendly products and how you can use them to benefit the most. The content will help you transition into the Organic Lifestyle with ease and does the usage of these products benefit you and the environment. Organic is the best vaccine against a lot of deadly diseases and we will guide you in how you can make the best use of it.

We are working hard in the present to create a lavishing future for all. As for OrganicDukaan, in the next 10-15 years, we believe that our Organic family would not just be limited to India, but several other countries as well. We are soon planning to provide a 360* eco-friendly solution to almost every need and want of a general consumer, be it food, clothing, tourism, transport, packaging, stationary or even construction!

We would also be providing guidance, assistance, exposure, and promotion to any individual or group of individuals working in the sustainable product or service range. We feel that its important for everyone to grow together as a family to make an impact on a global level. The individual producers need to be brought together and united on a single platform to deliver the best.

We welcome you to the world of Organic Lifestyle with our wide product range at www.organicdukaan.com. We are constantly adding new products and informative blogs as well on our website! Feel free to reach out to us at organicdukaanofficial@gmail.com or 9922665930.

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