❤️Valentine Special 2021 ❤️

Something Special for your 😉

Love is indefinite. Love is unparallel. Love is beautiful 💖 Love makes us do a lot a lot stupid things too. Kyuki boss, hum sabh hi ko kisi na kisi ko dekh kar Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Hai na? 😉 Every year on 14th of February, we celebrate Valentine’s day to cherish this magic of love 🥰. Its the day when love matters the most and we can’t help ourselves from wanting to make this day memorable.


Just as we care for our loved ones, OrganicDukaan cares for our mother Earth. But can we combine them both? Ofcourse! OrganicDukaan brings you a variety of eco-friendly gifts to choose from for your Someone Special 😍. Our gifting options are 100% eco-friendly and 3000% filled with 💗. Each of our gift comes with a special customization option which gives it a very personalized touch. 


And why is love just limited to your partners?
This Valentine’s, let’s extend the love to our parents, children, friends, colleagues and even your grumpy boss. Lets spread love this Valentine’s and make this earth a happy place. 🤗

Stainless Steel Cutlery Kit Rs. 319 Rs. 269

Forged with eco-friendly stainless steel, this sutainable Cutlery Kit is great gifting option. It comes with a beautiful cotton bag to carry the utilities anywhere you go. Just like how we say NO to toxic people in life, say NO to the toxic displosable plastic cutlery with this kit.


The kit contains spoon, fork, straw, straw cleaner and a napkin. The kit comes with personalization option too, making it a wonderful gift for your loved one, to remind them of your love everytime they use the kit 😉

Natural Handmade Soap Kit Rs. 549 Rs. 499

Have we been taking care of our skin? Think about all the harsh chemicals we make our skin go through 😳 But no more will our skin suffer. These beautiful Handmade soaps are prepared using Natural Ingredients which nourishes your skin and gives them natural glow. The soaps are specially curated with exotic fragrances which gives a relishing feeling. 🤩


The kit comes with 2 different premium soaps along with a body scrub. You’ll also find a complimentary tiny soap and a customizable hand written paper scroll for you to send a lovey-dovey message to your special one 😉. You can also opt to engrave an initial to give it a personalized feel!

Personal Hygiene Kit Rs. 499 Rs. 399

It is said that a lot can be learnt about a person by the way he/she treats themself. This 100% eco-friendly kit not only takes care of you but it also takes care of the evironment. The products are manufactured using materials including bamboo, neem wood and cotton.


The set contains wooden toothbrush, comb, tongue cleaner, razor and cotton pouch. The wooden touch gives a much elite feel to the products. The kit is personalizable and suits best as a gift as well for any age group or gender. Show your care for your loved ones by gifting this kit today! 🥰